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  • The prices are for Linux instances with no pre-installed software
  • For AWS, the only currency available is US dollars.
  • After you configure synchronization, it may take a while for the process to complete

Before you begin:

  1. Check that there is a public cloud region for the provider. See Create a public cloud region.
  2. Check that the tenant has a pricing model assigned. See Create a new pricing model
    1. For Amazon regions, use US Dollars as the currency 
  3. Obtain credentials to retrieve pricing information from the provider
    1. For AWS pricing, an IAMS user must have the AWSPriceListServiceFullAccess permission. You can add the permission to the regular public cloud user account or create a separate user. See Obtain AWS credentials
    2. For Azure, see Obtain Azure ARM credentials.

      Tenant typeFormat_of_Access_ Key_ID_for Pricing_____Secret access keyNotes

      Standard account

      Application secret keyAdd the text string "normal#" as a prefix to the pricing credentials. To facilitate upgrades, existing credentials will remain valid
      CSP account ownercsp#tenantId#accessToken#refreshTokenApplication secret keyYou MUST add the text string "csp#" as a prefix to the credentials
      Customer of CSP--Do not enter credentials because the platform will use the CSP credentials